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Key features of the product

Everything you need


MMLS Integration

Conveniently manage and fulfil your online printing all at one place.


Multiple Documents

Select multiple documents on MMLS to print like never before.


Slides Per Page

Choose your favorite printing preferences as you wish.


Print Preview

Preview your beautifully generated documents before you hit the print button.


Upload Document

Got a lab report or assignment to print? Simple drag and drop.


Online Payment

Cut the queue by paying online. Just grab and go!


How it works

Understanding our easy to use product


Upload / Select documents

Simply drag and drop to upload your document. Even better? You can select all your notes from MMLS directly.


Select Printing Preferences

Choose your favourite printing preferences and preview the beautifully generated documents instantly.


Grab and Go

Just flash your Student ID and collect your printed documents within 15 min at the printing shop on-campus.

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Benefits of using sprintla

  • Virus Protection

    Prevent and protect your pen drive from getting virus infection.

  • Efficiency

    No more long queue and hassles at the printing shop.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Check all the pricing details and breakdown before you print.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Our website is mobile responsive, which means you can now print on the go!

  • Print Tasks Record

    Keep track of all your print transactions at your profile.

  • More features

    There are still a series of cool and great features coming soon. Stay tuned.

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Check out these awesome features

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    User Friendly

    The simple and elegant user interface makes online printing a piece of cake.

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    Money-Back Guarantee

    Afraid of printing error? No worry. We ensure a 100% customer satisfaction!

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    Awesome Experience

    Say "buh-bye" to all the printing nightmares. Experience our awesome online printing now!

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